Innovating collections.

Advancing outcomes.

Protex is a new tool to improve the patient experience and your business efficiency.

One simple change to ProteX opens up opportunities that many providers never realized were possible. Not only is there a better chance at conception, but there’s also so much more time to flexibly schedule, plan, and manage operations.


50% increase in motility

Up to 50% Increase in sperm motility and fertilization
capability over the specimen cup within the typical processing period.


Longer Processing Window

Extend the processing window from 1 hour to 48 hours, so you offer at-home collection with confidence in the quality of results.


More Scheduling Flexibility

Manage schedules independently for patient appointments, processing, and lab staff, without the typical bottlenecks.


Improve Lab Staff Efficiency

Processing is more effective
when samples are high quality, plus andrologists can efficiently process in batches, freeing them up for other tasks in the lab.


Expand Patient Reach

Access more patients in rural areas typically beyond your geographic footprint and increase patient volume with at-home collection.


Re-purpose Collection Rooms

With at-home collection, clinics can reallocate one or more collection room spaces for other uses, such as patient consultation rooms.

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Browse the nearly two decades of research proving that innovative collection methods improve sperm biochemical health compared to the older traditional methods.

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