ProteX collection technology protects sperm from collection to insemination.

Collect and Process in the same container.


Collection with the ProteX cup protects cell physiology and reduces irreversible damage to cell membranes, mitochondria, and DNA.
  • Designed with triple thermal protection
  • 75% less surface area exposed to air, sunlight, and plastic
  • Limit drastic temperature fluctuations that activate shock proteins and premature capacitation
  • Limits negative effects from oxidative stress

NovoSort Sperm Processing Device:

Rapidly isolate a population of highly motile and morphologically normal sperm using NovoSort processing directly in the ProteX after collection.

  • Sample never leaves the ProteX cup until procedure
  • No chain of custody concerns
  • Save laboratory staff time and consumables cost
  • Process the best sperm from whole sample
  • ProteX collection limits DNA damage, NovoSort allows sperm to isolate and concentrate naturally

Watch the demo

Simple, safe and fast processing for all treatments, IUI, IVF, & ICSI

  1. Load 0.75mL media into device
  2. Insert into ProteX
  3. Wait 15 minutes, withdraw ICSI sperm

The NovoSort Performance Difference

Recovered Motility

There is an obvious difference in recovered motility due to method
(P < 0.001) and time (P < 0.001). There is also an interaction between time and treatment with the basket trending upward over time while the swimup trended downward (P < 0.001).

Total Motile Cells Recovered

As expected, there is a linear increase in cells in NovoSort over time
(P < 0.001) while the swimup decreased over time.

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