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Reproductive Solutions is founded on the idea that there’s always a better way. A better way to collect. A better way to protect samples from damage. A better way to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy.

We believe the millions of couples struggling with infertility shouldn’t struggle with the results from outdated technology and assisted fertility methods. This means we develop the science-based technology that opens up new possibilities for everyone. From groundbreaking at-home solutions that reduce stress to patented technology that improves the health of the sample.

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A personal promise leads to a passion.

John Smothers, company founder and current COO, struggled with infertility for over 7 years.

“I know the stress that goes along with this process. It’s so stressful that it hurts. I know what they’re going through,” John shares.

After tens of thousands of dollars, tests, and cycles of trying, the Smothers’ heartache gave way to a most joyful moment. Their first child was born — and healthy.

Do whatever you can to help those couples.

That was 30 years ago. And while a lot of advancements have been made since then, almost all are primarily focused on the female and the embryo. With 40% or more infertility issues attributed to a male factor (and rising), there seemed a whole area of unexplored fertility solutions just waiting for someone to find them.

As a successful businessman in Lubbock, Texas, John was introduced to Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center researchers. These reproductive scientists unveiled to John nearly two decades of first-ever research into traditional collection methods and their impact to sperm. It was stunning what was discovered. Sperm were so quickly damaged by changes to their environment that the way sperm were collected and contained had significant impact on their ability to fertilize. While the researchers were working primarily in the animal breeding industry, John saw a huge opportunity to help couples like him and his wife.

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. About us, developing fertility solutions such as Protex.

In 2018, John’s wife fell seriously ill. In her last days, she had one request, “Do whatever you can to help those couples.” She knew as John did that if they could succeed in bringing the collection technology to the community, they could help change the fertility future of others.

John promised he would. It’s a very personal promise that still sticks with him today. And it is reinforced by the personal dedication each person at Reproductive Solutions shares today.

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