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If you collect with the same generic specimen cup method that hasn’t changed since the 1970s, expect the same old results. ProteX is new technology that improves many facets of the collection experience for the patient, practice, and lab. Once you see the side-by-side comparison, you’ll understand just how much more quality, freedom, and flexibility you get with ProteX.

Compare ProteX to the generic specimen cup

Motility and sperm health

Compare ProteX regarding motility and sperm health.
Traditional standard specimen cup

Motility rate trend

Steady increase until processing, then stable at high motility

Steady decrease, even after processing

Sperm count trend

Better maintains male’s typical count with less loss than traditional cup

Decreases at collection and beyond due to shock and activation

Simulates in-the-body conditions



Includes the addition of sperm-healthy media at collection



Effects to sperm biology

Designed and proven to protect acrosome and mitochondrial membranes vital for fertilization

Lack of protection causes damage, leading to less intact membranes, lowering conception chances

Higher Motility and Long-term Stability in ProteX

Chart: ProteX improves motility up to 50% over the generic specimen cup within typical processing period.

Sperm collected in ProteX are biochemically healthier with intact membranes. Our research proves a significant increase in motility and fertilization capability over the specimen cup within the standard processing time. The sample remains stable at a high motility for the ART procedure. Plus, the built-in protection of ProteX means the sample is still viable many hours thereafter.

Temperature control

ProteX - temperature control
Traditional standard specimen cup.

Thermal surface exposure area of a collected 5 mL sample

1.8 cm2

32.2 cm2

Cooling Rate (on average)

0.5° F per minute

Decreases at collection and beyond due to shock and activation

Double-wall insulator



Outer surface (prevents thermal exchange)


Lack of protection causes damage, leading to less intact membranes, lowering conception chances

ProteX Stops the Shock and Drastic Temp Drop

Chart ProteX temperature Comparison.

ProteX protects the sample from severe temperature fluctuations that lead to the activation of shock proteins, the acrosome reaction, declining motility, and lower sperm count. We confirmed ProteX has a more optimal environment that not only protects from external factors, but also allows the sample to drive its own temperature naturally.


ProteX - flexibility and safety.
Traditional standard specimen cup.

Window of time until processing is recommended

48 hours

Only 1 hour

At-home collection available


Typically, no

Patient scheduling

Collects conveniently on their own schedule

Restricted to appointment times

Lab scheduling

Ability to easily pivot and prioritize

Restricted to 1-hour window

Geographic limitations


Limited to clinic proximity

Multi-purpose usage

Dedicated to sperm

Also used for blood, urine, stool, and tissue samples


Biocompatibile with sperm



Manufacturing country of origin



FDA status

Listed Class 1 and Class 2

Grandfathered in

The best, safest, and most flexible choice is clear.

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