to protect.

Scientific design and insight come together to ensure the highest quality sperm sample.

ProteX simulateS healthy in-the-body conditionS that sperm need to stay viable.

Once out of the body, sperm are sensitive and easily damaged by changes to their environment. Keeping sperm healthy at collection and beyond requires a high level of protection that generic specimen cups were never meant to provide. ProteX is a scientifically designed environment that is both temperature controlled and biologically favorable, so a higher count of sperm remain physiologically stable at a much higher motility.

How ProteX works: ProteX container cross-section shows the gentle funnel, well, and media.

Gentle on sperm.

ProteX is practically sperm’s home away from home, reducing shock and ensuring a higher count maintains their fertilizing capability.

Total Thermal Protection

360° thermal barrier with double-wall construction reduces temperature fluctuations and minimizes thermal exchange.

Reduces the surface exposure area 95% for 10x better thermal control than a specimen cup.

Slows the cooling rate to 0.5° F per minute, allowing the sample to drive its own temperature gradient naturally.

Prevents a 25-30° F temperature drop within the first 10 minutes as seen in the specimen cup.

Long-Term Biological Protection

A pre-calculated 1 mL of media with HEPES added prior to collection reduces shifts in pH and promotes osmoregulation, the process of balancing fluid intake.

The healthiest sperm sample possible is stabilized at a high motility for up to a full 48 hours after collection.

Spill-proof Protection

The spill-proof lid keeps samples safely contained and guards against accidental leaks during handling.

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Want to learn more about the studies that support the design, method, and results of ProteX?

ProteX is safely manufactured specifically for sperm biological health.

ProteX is made in the USA from safe co-polymers.

ProteX is made in the USA from a proprietary blend of advanced materials that are certified 100% safe for sperm. Almost all specimen cups are made in China from cheap, thin plastic materials, which researchers are now discovering have a negative impact on sperm count and quality.

ProteX is listed Class 1 and Class 2 with the FDA.

ProteX is FDA listed Class 1 and Class 2, which means it has to meet special performance requirements and regulatory controls to receive the designation. Generic specimen cups have been used for so many decades that they have been grandfathered in by the FDA without the typical performance proof.

ProteX Sperm Survivability.

We regularly and rigorously perform sperm survivability assays to ensure that the materials we use do not damage sperm or the embryos they come in contact with later in the assisted fertility procedure. In fact every ProteX comes with a certificate of biocompatibility.

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