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What is ProteX?

ProteX is a semen sample collection container that is scientifically designed to protect and limit damage to sperm. The result gives patients a healthier sperm sample than they typically would have if collected in a generic specimen cup. ProteX protects sperm so well that it allows patients to collect at home where it’s more convenient, private, and less stressful.

What are the differences between ProteX and any other specimen cup?

ProteX is uniquely designed with thermal properties to protect sperm from severe temperature fluctuations and imbalances. Other specimen cups aren’t designed for sperm protection, and will lead to sperm damage right away. This lowers the number of healthy swimmers and decreases sperm’s ability to fertilize the egg. For even more differences, visit the Compare ProteX page.

Is ProteX only for at-home collection?

No. ProteX is used both for at-home collection and collecting in the clinic. Patients will see a higher quality sample protected long-term no matter which setting they collect in. Before collecting at home, please consult with your fertility specialist.

Can I use ProteX without consulting my doctor or clinic?

Yes. There’s no risk in using ProteX. However, in order to ensure your best sperm health and results, be sure to collect and return exactly as directed by your fertility specialist or lab. Follow all instructions precisely, including documenting the time and location of collection.

Do I need a prescription for ProteX?

No prescription is required to purchase or use ProteX.

My doctor/practice has not heard of ProteX. What should I tell them?

Please provide your doctor or practice with our contact information and website, so they may learn more about ProteX. Alternatively, you may provide us with your doctor and practice name on the contact us page, so that we can connect with them directly.

Can I order ProteX directly from you?

Yes, our online partner IVF Store handles all direct orders. Place your order here.

How do I use ProteX?

Using ProteX is simple and easy. Prep, Collect, Return. Refer to the General ProteX Instructions and be sure to follow any additional instructions provided by your fertility specialist.

After I collect my sample in ProteX, do I need to either refrigerate the sample or keep the container warm?

No, keep the sample at room temperature.

When do I return my sample to the clinic or lab?

To ensure your best sperm health results, be sure to collect and return exactly at the times as directed by your fertility specialist or lab.

Can I use ProteX for semen analysis?

Yes. Since ProteX limits damage to sperm, you’ll get an accurate analysis of your sperm count and motility rate as key components in the male fertility evaluation.

Can I use ProteX for treatments: IUI, IVF, and ICSI?

Yes. Clinical trials suggest promising results with IUI and IVF outcomes versus a standard specimen cup.

Can I use ProteX to freeze my sperm for later use?

ProteX may be used to collect sperm for the purposes of transferring to a cryobank for cryopreservation. ProteX is not intended to be used as the container to hold frozen sperm samples.

Will ProteX improve my pregnancy chances?

The healthier your sperm are during fertility treatments, the better your chances will be of a successful outcome. Results using ProteX will vary by each patient and are affected by a number of uncontrolled factors, including and not limited to the patient’s age, diagnosis, lifestyle, diet, and genetics.

Clinical Trials suggest promising results for IUI and IVF outcomes. Reproductive Solutions makes no guarantee of pregnancy outcomes when using ProteX. 

Is ProteX safe?

Yes. In fact, ProteX is the only scientifically designed semen sample collection container that is FDA listed. Plus, each ProteX comes with a certificate of biocompatibility confirming that our materials are 100% safe and do not harm sperm. You won’t find any of that with a generic specimen cup.

Is each ProteX only for one-time use?

Yes. ProteX comes in contact with biological fluids and therefore should not be used more than once for safety and quality concerns.

Will my insurance cover ProteX?

That depends on state laws and your insurance policy coverage. Check with your insurance provider.

What is sperm wash medium/media?

Sperm media or sperm wash medium is a nutrient-rich solution that helps keep sperm healthy when outside the body. Sperm media is typically used in the lab during processing to stabilize sperm, so when you collect at home in ProteX, you add a small amount of media to stabilize sperm immediately. This helps keep your sperm sample healthy at a high motility for the best results.

How do I find a ProteX fertility clinic or practice near me?

Since practices and clinics nationwide are in various stages of adopting ProteX, our team would like to provide accurate information to you in real-time. Please contact us and we’ll connect you to the options in your area.

Can I talk to a live person about ProteX?

Yes. Please call 1-800-465-0368 Monday through Friday, 8:00am-6:00pm CST, and one of our team members will be happy to speak with you about ProteX.

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