Science Advisory Board Member

Matthew (Tex) VerMilyea, Ph.D., HCLD/CC (ABB)

Dr. Matthew (Tex) VerMilyea is currently the Vice President of Scientific Advancement for Ovation Fertility. Born in Laredo, Texas, Matthew earned his Bachelor of Science degree at Cornell University in Animal Science, Cum Laude with Distinction in Research, and the nickname ‘Tex’.

Tex received his Ph.D. in Epigenetics from The University of Birmingham. He completed his first post-doctoral fellowship in the chromatin and gene expression laboratories at the Institute of Biomedical Research in Birmingham, UK. He completed a second fellowship in the Laboratory of Mammalian Molecular Embryology at the RIKEN institute in Kobe, Japan.

Tex returned to the United States as an embryologist at Shady Grove Fertility in Maryland. He then became the Director of Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Andrology laboratories at The University of Pennsylvania Fertility Care. From there, Tex moved to Auckland to serve as Scientific Director at Fertility Associates of New Zealand.

After 17 years, Dr. VerMilyea was recruited to return to Texas as the Scientific Director of Texas Fertility Centers. Most recently, Dr. VerMilyea has become the Vice President of Scientific Advancement for Ovation Fertility. Matthew remains active on multiple professional committees and scientific advisory boards.

Matthew (Tex) VerMilyea, PhD.