Motherly features ProteX in its Top 5 health and wellness trends for 2022

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December 22, 2021

Motherly Health + Wellness Senior Editor and board-certified holistic nutritionist Jessica D’Argenio Waller checks the 2022 calendar to discover what the new year will bring. From mushrooms and male fertility to telehealth and menopause, the biggest trends are changing the conversation around women’s health.

Check out trend number 5 for a look into male fertility and how ProteX helps. With sperm quality declining nationwide in all demographics, both partners are becoming aware of new ways to boost his fertility and protect his sperm. It’s half the equation for conception, and yet for so long, most of the focus and treatments has been on the female partner.

ProteX is changing the conversation and the way couples collect his semen sample, by providing a reliable, high-quality at-home solution. Preserve sperm quality. No more rush. Ditch the embarrassing clinic collection rooms.